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Welcome to First Name Meanings

We are proud to offer high quality 8 x 10 inch color background prints with any 1 or 2 first names and their meanings.

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Our first name meanings are produced from our extensive database
containing tens of thousands of first names and their meanings.

Even if you have a uniquely spelled or an unusual name,
we can produce something for any of those first names!

Each print will include your choice from 25 different color backgrounds, any first name (or two first names if you want a double name print at no additional cost), the root, origin, meaning and a flattering list of personality traits which are different for each name.

Your custom print, ready for any standard 8x10 frame
with FREE SHIPPING for only $9.95!

Bonus: Any additional prints you order will be only $6.95 each!

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Single First Name Print or Double First Name Print?

Your custom print can have either one first name and its meaning information or you can choose to have two first names and their meanings on the same print. There is no additional charge for a double first name meanings print.

The sample on the right shows two prints, one as a double first name meanings print and one as a single first name meanings print. They both include the same type of information for any first names, it is just formatted differently to accommodate two sets of meanings on the double print.

Click on the samples on the right for a larger view.

Visit our First Name Meanings Samples page


  Choose From 25 Backgrounds
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Choosing a Background Scene

We have 25 different color background scenes from which to choose. When choosing your background print, please keep in mind that some backgrounds are better suited for single name meanings while some are designed for a double name.

Also, for a single first name meaning, some backgrounds are designed for the first name meanings information to be placed down the center, some to be placed on the left side, while others are designed for the meanings placement on the right side. It is usually fairly obvious, but we will place the first name meanings information in the most flattering location on the sheet.

100% satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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Order Your Custom First Name Meaning Print For Only $9.95 (FREE Shipping!)

If you prefer only one first name on your print, then only complete the "Name 1" information. If you would like a double first name meaning print (two first names on one print which is an option at no additional cost), then please be sure to complete the "Name 1" and the "Name 2" information and be sure to select "male" or "female" for each name.

Also, you can select your choice from 25 backgrounds on the dropdown menu below.

The "Add Greeting To Bottom of Print" item is optional. You can add a message if you like at no additional cost.

When you finish the form below, click the "Add to Cart" button to securely add your order information to your shopping cart. You can then review the custom information you provided and you will get an option to continue shopping or to check out through our secure ordering system provided by Paypal.

Special Offer: After adding this first name meanings order to your cart, you qualify to purchase additional custom prints for only $6.95. All you have to do is select the "Continue Shopping" button on your cart page, customize your new order on the new form provided, then click "Add to Cart".

Select Background
Enter Name 1
Name 1 - Select Male or Female
Enter Name 2 (If Double)
Name 2 (If Double) - Select Male or Female
Add Greeting To Bottom of Print (Optional)
$9.95 (Shipping is FREE!)
All Major Cards Accepted


About Your Custom First Name Meanings Print

Your custom first name meanings print will arrive ready for any standard 8 x 10 frame. After framing, you will have created a gift like no other. This gift can be for anyone, including yourself.

Everyone wants to know what their name means and where it came from. And the accompanying list of flattering traits will make the person feel special and unique. Some can be inspirational with motivating words to live up to. An excellent choice for children and adults.

The option to get two first name meanings on the same print, for no additional cost, is great for couples, siblings, friends or sometimes people even use their first and middle name. We have been asked about a last name being used, but we do not recommend doing that. Our database is only first names. We do not have accurate information for last names.

Unique spellings of names and unusual names are no problem. All of our first name meanings are taken from our large database of thousands of first names. Most first names are either directly related to or a variation of a name which has been around for many years. Our database system can make the distinction for most variations of historic first names, even if these first names are spelled differently than any previous spellings. Some first names today are entirely created and have no historic relation to any other name. When this is the case, we can still provide you with a first name meanings print. The name meaning information will be of a random selection.

All first name meaning prints will include the first name at the top in large letters and spelled in the way you indicate. Then, in smaller letters right below the first name, will be the root, origin and meaning of that first name. The root for the name is the original name from which that first name was actually derived. This may be the same as the name you specify or it can be an earlier or similar variation. The origin is the name's nationality or where the root name is from, for example Hebrew, Arabic, Celtic, Old English, Greek, Latin and many others. The meaning is describing the meaning of the root name. Below the first name, root, origin and meaning will be a list of personality traits which our database automatically selects to accompany the name. These are different for every name.

To see close up samples, please visit our First Name Meanings Samples page.

To see background scene choices, please visit our Backgrounds Samples page.

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